CommTRACK$ is our proprietary, web-based compliance management and tracking system.

  • Monitor your compliance obligations
  • Safely, securely and efficiently upload data
  • Maintain your company's profile and account information
  • Approve drafts and track compliance filings anywhere, at anytime

Created for new entrants and other small service providers, our affordable Compliance Packages are the ideal solution for businesses that want to comply, but have limited resources during market launch and early stage of operations.

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  • Wireless
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If you are a communication service provider in search of the Full Spectrum of professionally managed compliance solutions, look no further!

Regulatory compliance shouldn't be a burden. In fact, in the right hands, regulatory compliance is an opportunity. By entrusting us with your company's regulatory, corporate, and tax compliance administration needs, compliance will become an opportunity to streamline your company's procedures, reduce overhead costs, and create both certainty and peace of mind.

With regulatory fees and taxes on communications services costing consumers upwards of 20%... 25%... even 30% in some jurisdictions, your company can neither afford to ignore the risk of non-compliance nor the market opportunities that exist through intelligently planned and implemented compliance.

We offer a range of compliance services tailored to suit each customer's unique profile, risk tolerance, and budget. Customers interested in achieving literal compliance with filing and fee payment requirements within a defined scope can achieve this goal at the lowest possible monthly fees. Customers whose needs are broader, more diverse or demanding, or who simply command a higher degree of personal attention and care in the administration of their compliance needs have on-demand access to some of the compliance field's leading consultants.

What makes us truly unique is our close affiliation with lawyers at a renowned communications law firm and CPAs at a leading sales and use tax firm. These relationships provide our customers with access to the full spectrum of outsourced compliance services.

What you get with our Managed Licensing & Compliance Services

Companies entering the communications industry need professional assistance in two important phases: Market Entry and Post-Entry Compliance. The Commpliance Group provides both. We'll help you secure necessary licenses and registrations, including FCC registration, 214 licensing and Secretary of State authorizations. Once licensed, we provide post-licensing compliance services, tailored to each individual company's unique needs, including:

Online access to your FCC reports and filings X
Email reminders of upcoming FCC filing deadlines X
Filing obligation overviews and compliance recommendations X
A live, regulatory consultant monitors compliance obligations, collects data, prepares reports, and ensures timely filing X
Access to CommTRACK$™ Database System, including: X
     • Real-time updates of filings X
     • Online account management and data submission X
     • Archived storage of all data and reports X
     • Optional electronic payments and escrow X
State Utility Commission and Secretary of State regulatory compliance and corporate maintenance services X
Preferred rates at our communications law firm, the CommLaw Group X

Who We Serve?

We serve clients in every sector of the communications industry, including:

  • Traditional wireline telecommunications services providers, such as domestic & international Long Distance ("IXC") and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers ("CLECs")
  • Nomadic and fixed "Interconnected" Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") Service providers
  • Calling Card and PINless calling service providers
  • Wireless service providers and resellers ("MVNOs")
  • Satellite service providers and resellers
  • Broadband and Internet Access services providers
  • All forms of Internet-based (IP-based) services, including hybrid and convergent communications service providers

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