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Everyone would spend an ounce on prevention if they knew it really would be worth a pound of cure, right?  A professionally managed Risk Management program can turn Benjamin Franklin’s philosophy into reality.

Jonathan Marashlian, Founder & CEO

The Commpliance Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in regulatory, corporate and tax compliance management and transactional services for telecommunications, VoIP and other communications & information technology companies, and media distributors.  We combine expert guidance and experienced consultants with a broad range of professionally managed, technology enhanced solutions designed to optimize your company’s compliance profile.

The secret to our organization’s success is our unique ability to provide a Full Spectrum of scalable solutions tailored to meet the individualized demands of each company we serve.  For over a decade, we have successfully delivered on our promise to make reliable and affordable services available to hundreds of companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises from locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Our Mission is to provide “best of breed,” efficient, affordable and reliable outsourced compliance services and solutions to the communications and information technology industries; focused on fulfilling the management of the diverse and complex regulatory, tax, corporate and consultative needs unique to our core industry sectors.  We strive to achieve our Mission by:

  • Creating and Delivering a suite of customized compliance services tailored to the unique demands of the complex and dynamic industry sectors we service, taking into consideration the size, sophistication, risk-sensitivity and budgets of each individualized business we serve;
  • Utilizing custom-built, homegrown internal and customer-facing technology solutions to create efficiencies to reduce costs and increase reliability without sacrificing personalization and the intimacy of the Client-Consultant professional relationship; and
  • Delivering “Professional” and “Thoughtful” compliance services through highly-trained and experienced consultants who are enriched with specialized knowledge and sensitivities derived from the close working relationship with its affiliate, the nationally-recognized and award-winning Communications & Information Technology law firm, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group.

It's time to let The Commpliance Group become your company's trusted and reliable outsourced partner for all of your company’s compliance needs – from market entry through market exit, with everything in between, including compliance maintenance, audits, information and updates, and transactional activities.  Let us guide you through the regulatory jungle so you can focus your attention on more important matters, like growing your business!

We cordially invite you spend time visiting our website and our affiliated law firm's site -- www.CommLawGroup.com -- where you can learn more about our Full Spectrum professional services organization and all the ways we can help streamline and create confidence in your company's compliance profile.

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