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Who We Are

We cater to all business seeking to outsource the administrative burdens imposed by law or regulation on communications providers of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to established entities.

The Commpliance Group was established in 2002 as the consulting division of the nationally recognized and award-winning Washington, DC area communications law firm, Marashlian & Donahue, LLC -- The CommLaw Group.  Originally created to fulfill client demand for more predictable and affordable options for fulfilling basic regulatory compliance and transactional service needs, The Commpliance Group quickly grew to become the industry’s leading provider of technology-enhanced, expertly-serviced licensing, compliance, transactional services and "Help Yourself" educational resources.

Compliance obligations have expanded dramatically for all types of services providers subject to federal and state communications laws and regulations since the mid-1990s. When clients of The CommLaw Group began asking the firm's attorneys and other regulatory compliance professionals to help them administer their on-going regulatory compliance obligations before the FCC, State Public Utility Commissions, Secretaries of State, Departments of Revenue and 911 Administrators throughout the country, we obliged.

Our "legal services" clients demanded high-level professional assistance and the security and confidence that comes with experience and expertise. But they sought all of these qualities at both predictable and affordable "non-lawyer" rates. To fulfill this demand, The CommLaw Group created its flat fee Compliance & Reporting Service ("C&R Service”), which quickly attracted nationwide providers of local and long distance telecommunications services. Our C&R Service expanded with the constantly evolving marketplace of communications technologies and regulatory requirements, which today includes an expansive array of traditional telecommunications and IP-Enabled, wireless and prepaid service providers, broadcasters, cable providers and other media distribution outlets. We provide C&R Service to all telecommunications service providers who require dedicated regulatory support at flat, predictable rates.

Then, around 2005, anticipating the seismic shift in the market for effective, yet affordable legal services, the firm set out to engineer its one-of-a-kind, Full Spectrum professional services business model. The ground-breaking processes developed by the firm enable it to provide value-driven, high-quality professional services that deliver business-savvy solutions for reasonable, predictable, task appropriate costs; all provided with the customer-friendly, client-focused approach that has become our organization's hallmark characteristic.

The efficiency of our experienced professional staff, combined with our use of proprietary and revolutionary technologies, has enabled us to meet demand and exceed all expectations of the law firm's clients.

The Commpliance Group was formally established as a stand-alone consulting affiliate of The CommLaw Group in 2009 in order to broaden the availability of our revolutionary compliance services beyond the law firm's client base.  Today, The Commpliance Group is proud to offer its services to everyone!

Our expert knowledge of legal and regulatory issues, focused and diligent approach to managing the diverse and cumbersome administrative reporting processes, and proven effectiveness at ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions make The Commpliance Group an indispensible resource for any enterprise providing regulated communications services. We cater to all businesses seeking to outsource the administrative burdens imposed by law or regulation on communications providers of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to established entities.

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