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View webinars on important regulatory and legal matters.

Blockchain: Implementation & Legal Issues

The webinar will be an introductory session aimed at senior leadership teams & corporate counsels. The workshop provides a high level overview of blockchain technologies, applications and strategies, as well as legal issues that are all but certain to arise when companies seek to implement blockchain.

RFID & the FCC: Why New Regulations Matter to Everybody (RFID Journal Live)

FCC is Brutally Cracking Down on RF Equipment Violators

Ronald Quirk of The CommLaw Group discusses compliance with the Federal Communications Commission's rules that pertain to RFID at the RFID Journal Live.

From Compliance Challenge to Competitive Threat: What You Need to Know about Prepaid Wireless & SIM Card Taxes/Regulatory Fees

State & Local taxation of prepaid wireless services is complicated business, even for experienced service providers. Not only is wireless taxation complex and challenging, now more than ever it's critically important for your prepaid wireless company to tackle the challenge, lest you fall behind competitors, like T-Mobile and its ONETM plans (where all taxes and fees are included for a flat price) or fall prey to auditors for failing to pay appropriate amounts. Join Attorney Jacqueline R. Hankins of Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group, as she explains in plain English the complexities of prepaid wireless and SIM card taxation.

Data Privacy/Security: Setting Your Compliance Priorities in an Era of Promised Deregulation

With the shift to deregulation in the new administration, businesses face growing uncertainty when deciding whether to prioritize privacy and data security compliance. This webinar provides critical information about the various privacy and data security regulations that remain even through this uncertainty.

Path to CVAA Compliance

If you are uncertain about your company's legal obligations under the Twenty-First Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act ("CVAA") or are looking for compliance help, you will not want to miss this webinar!

2014 Washington SmartCEO EMA Awards - COO

Washington SmartCEO, Title Sponsor RagingWire Data Centers and over 300 local business executives celebrated at the at the Executive Management Awards on March 13, 2014 at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner. The Executive Management Awards honor C-suite executives who have gone above and beyond to support and lead their organizations. SmartCEO recognizes executives in four categories: CFO,