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Fred R. Goldstein

Technology Consultant
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Fred R. Goldstein is Principal of Ionary Consulting and The Commpliance Group’s technology expert. He advises companies on technical, regulatory and business issues related to the telecommunications and Internet industries, especially in areas where they overlap.

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Representative Experience

Some relevant examples of his experience include:

  • Helped a number of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) respond to a changing regulatory climate, helping plan their migration from the Unbundled Network Element Platform (UNE-P) to switch-based operation (UNE-Loop or wireless local loop), often broadening their service profile in the process.
  • Provided expert testimony before several state regulatory agencies, courts, and the Federal Communications Commission, on behalf of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and other competitive service providers, primarily focusing on the technical and economic impact of interconnection agreements and intercarrier compensation. He has provided direct support to law firms on matters concerning telecommunications, particularly in areas that involve the overlap of regulatory, legal and technical issues.
  • Assisted CLECs with business modeling, intercarrier negotiation, and with the use of unbundled network elements to provide both basic and advanced services. He has created geographic (GIS) and spreadsheet models to provide CLECs with alternative scenarios for Digital Subscriber Loop deployment, which quantify the potential subscribers reachable by different loop technologies in their selected market areas.
  • For a major IT company bidding on a large government network contract, he performed competitive analysis, developing network architecture and cost models for its own products and for its competition. These covered a range of common carrier services, LANs, MANs, and backbone ATM and IP routing equipment.
  • Developed a technical strategy for the Computer Integrated Telephony business for a major computer company, leveraging the company’s core competency in LANs and Application Programming Interfaces to provide a set of tools that could be applied to vertical and horizontal markets.
  • Represented a company at the ANSI-accredited technical subcommittee that initially developed Frame Relay, ATM and ISDN standards, where he developed congestion control and avoidance standards for Frame Relay and ATM networks, and participated in the development of various protocols which became standards.
  • Worked with Internet Service Providers on a range of issues, primarily dealing with access networks. He has performed cost modeling for potential Hybrid Fiber-Coax overbuilds of Cable TV networks, enabling ISPs to evolve into "triple play" ISP-cable-telephone providers in suitable markets.

Prior to starting Ionary Consulting, employers included Arthur D. Little Inc. and one of its successors, TIAX LLC, and the Network Consulting Practice at BBN Technologies, a unit of GTE Internetworking. He was previously employed by Digital Equipment Corporation as an in-house telecommunications consultant, and as a strategic planner and product manager in its Networks and Communications business.

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Mr. Goldstein holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Skidmore College.

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About Me

He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He holds three patents in the area of Asynchronous Transfer Mode technology, including two for methods of congestion control and avoidance, and one for a LAN-oriented ATM switching system. He has been a member of the faculty of the State-of-the-Art Program at Northeastern University, and has taught courses on ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, telecommunications transmission, and OSI and TCP/IP protocols. He has also taught several satellite courses on ATM, Frame Relay and ISDN for National Technological University.

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