Katherine "Kitty" Whitt

Managing Consultant

703-663-6758 (telephone)
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About Me

Kitty Whitt is a Managing Consultant at The Commpliance Group.  A seasoned telecommunications compliance professional, Kitty brings a wealth of experience in diverse areas to The Commpliance Group's clients.

Kitty has dedicated the past 10 years to a career in the Telecom Industry, working both in-house, at multiple carriers, and as an outsourced compliance professional.  Kitty's experiences have come full circle, which provides her with unparalleled insight into the qualities service providers are seeking in their compliance vendor.  Having worked directly for carriers and also serving carriers as a compliance consultant, Kitty knows exactly what it takes to satisfy her clientele. 

Kitty's exposure to both sides of the process have provided her with very unique insights into not only the needs, but also the gaps, in tax and regulatory compliance reporting; with regards to properly booking revenue, managing financial reports, and extracting the needed detail from billing software.  All of these experiences and insight give Kitty the advantage of knowing what needs to be done to keep the processes as simplified and streamlined as possible for both the carrier and their reporting agency.  

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Representative Experience

My Telecom experience consists of Wireline and Wireless Tax and Regulatory reporting for both CLEC's and ILEC's, as well as, Non-Dominant IXC/Inter-Exchange carriers and their required filings with the SOS/Secretary of State(s), DOR/Department of Revenue(s), PUC/Public Utility Corporation(s).  I am skilled and proficient in managing and licensing entities; with both local and foreign agent representation.  In addition to preparing and reviewing Inter-Connect agreements, Performance Bonds, Quality of Assurance Reports, Outage Reports, Do Not Call Lists, E-911 Emergency Service filings, Unclaimed Property Reports, ROW/Right of Way City Franchise agreements and Multi-jurisdictional reporting in all 50 States.  Also including, Federal filing requirements such as; FCC and USAC forms 499 FUSF, 498 registrations for The School and Library fund, 497 SPIN ID annual renewals, 477 Broadband Reports, 214 International calling registrations.  While also managing Data & Rate Center inventories, for both on and off-net networks, 502 NRUF Geographical Forecast and Utilization Reports/NANPA reporting requirements, along with Property Tax filings, CPNI staff certifications, tax mapping, billing reporting and more.

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