Equipment Authorization

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Unlicensed, but Not Unregulated 

Ensure compliance with the FCC's Equipment Authorization Rules

The FCC has created substantial opportunities for the deployment of unlicensed communications networks by opening large swaths of spectrum for unlicensed operations.  The availability of unlicensed spectrum has generated significant markets for many types of radio frequency (RF) equipment.  In addition to the strong potential for profitability among equipment manufacturers and importers, operators of unlicensed wireless networks benefit by avoiding upfront licensing costs and having geographic flexibility; unlike licensed communications carriers, unlicensed operators can deploy their networks in any area of the U.S. without obtaining prior FCC approval.

While opportunities abound for the deployment of profitable unlicensed wireless networks, the equipment used in such networks is subject to FCC regulation, and strict sanctions will be imposed on entities that violate the rules including: substantial fines, prohibitions on marketing and advertising non-compliant equipment, and removal of existing equipment from commerce.  It is imperative that manufacturers, importers, vendors, and users of unlicensed equipment familiarize themselves with the FCC’s rules, and implement procedures to ensure that their devices are properly authorized and operated in compliance with the pertinent regulations.

The Commpliance Group has expertise in all areas of wireless equipment authorization, marketing, and compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

  • Delineate the proper regulatory categories of wireless devices
  • Determine the appropriate authorization process
  • Work with engineers to see that FCC rules are followed in authorization proceedings
  • Ensure proper FCC labeling of RF equipment
  • Determine the regulatory information to be included in packaging inserts
  • Ascertain the responsible party for FCC compliance
  • Assist clients with FCC-compliant marketing/advertising procedures
  • Work with clients to utilize FCC exemptions for pre-authorized marketing
  • Help clients to ensure that post-authorization operation is FCC-compliant
  • Consult with clients on equipment modification matters