Tax Calculation / Billing System Onboarding

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Communications service providers, including traditional telecommunications, data transport, wireless/MVNO and Interconnected VoIP, are potentially exposed to taxation in more than 7,000 state and local jurisdictions nationwide.  Communications service providers also confront federal and state USF and other regulatory surcharges imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and the Utility Commissions in most states.  Given the number and variability of these taxes and fees, new entrants to the communications services marketplace often rely on third party tax engines to determine, calculate, and bill the appropriate taxes and regulatory fees. 

While tax calculation services are often marketed as hands-off solutions that are simple to integrate and manage, in reality, the tax calculation onboarding and integration process can be complex, time consuming and costly, if your company lacks internal knowledge and resources to do the job right.  A successful tax calculation onboarding involves many distinct intra and external organizational elements and requires careful, holistic consideration of a company’s billing, accounting, and marketing practices, as well as managerial risk tolerances and, last but not least, available financial resources. 

To assist new entrants in the communications marketplace, The Commpliance Group and attorneys from Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC – The CommLaw Group have teamed together to create a suite of predictable, fixed fee legal consultative services for communications providers that are in the process of integrating with a Billing Platform/ Business Support System (BSS) or directly with an outsourced tax calculation engine (such as, CCH SureTax, Avalara, Vertex, among others).

  • As part of all fixed fee packages, a CommLaw Group attorney will be assigned to your team to play the role of the Tax Engine Integration “Quarterback,” with all the protections and privileges accompanying the Attorney-Client relationship. 
  • The attorney assigned to your account will oversee your team through all stages of the tax engine integration and onboarding process, from start to finish. 
  • The fixed fee packages are designed with small, medium and large sized service providers in mind; however, they can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of your company.