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Discontinuance & Market Exit

Gone, but Not Forgotten

Exit the regulated telecommunications market in full compliance with applicable FCC and State Regulations

Businesses operating in the communications marketplace are, quite literally, subject to regulatory responsibilities from cradle to grave.  Licensed providers of many types of communications services may not discontinue services or leave the market without first obtaining authorization from a range of governmental bodies, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), state Public Utility Commissions (PUCs), Secretaries of State, and Departments of Revenue.

The compliance obligations of regulated service providers simply do not end once a company has stopped providing services.  Companies that change hands, enter bankruptcy, or wind down their businesses have important regulatory obligations before they can diminish or cease providing communications services.

Our experienced consultants will assist clients in fulfilling FCC and state regulatory obligations related to winding down a business, transferring control or ownership, or modifying or reducing services, including:

  • FCC 214 discontinuance authority
  • Surrendering 499 Filer ID registration
  • Surrendering Broadcast Licenses and Authorizations
  • PUC notification and discontinuance authorization
  • Corporate and tax wind down before Secretaries of State and Departments of Revenue nationwide


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