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The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) regulations extend beyond consumer protection, fair competition, and economic regulation to the adoption and enforcement of engineering standards.  For example, a federal statute prohibits the importation or sale of equipment that emits radio energy until such equipment has been tested for compliance with the appropriate FCC engineering standards.  Telephone equipment that will be connected with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) must be tested and found to be in compliance with Part 68 of the FCC’s rules.  In order to transmit on specific frequencies, a party must apply for, and receive, an FCC radio license and, generally, show compliance with the applicable FCC rules and a lack of harmful interference with other protected radio licensees.  Antennae placed on radio towers must comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) siting and lighting obligations.  Quite often, applicants need to draft documents that explain compliance with these rules and a demonstration as to why grant of Commission approval would be in the public interest.

Our experienced consultants will assist clients in identifying and satisfying engineering needs associated with FCC licensing and regulatory requirements.  They can help identify the correct engineers or other consultants to perform testing and interferences studies, and then draft appropriate documents for compliance filings or applications.  These tasks can be done on a time and materials, budget cap or flat-rate basis.  As appropriate, our consultants can access the experienced attorneys at The CommLaw Group.

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